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Dr. Vito Cannillo
Chief Executive Ocer

Dr. Michele Mallardi
Director of Administration & Accounting

Luciano Diaferia
Director of Sales

Scientific direction

Dr. Antonio Salerno
Chief of Laboratory of Quality & Research

Dr. Joseph Cannillo
Scientific Director

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The starting point for a product of quality, ecacy and safeness is the selection of the raw materials: and the automatic exclusions from our formulations of the ingredients that fail to have a proven safeness certified by strict quality controls throughout the production chain.

The Research Laboratory and the section of Quality Control play an active role in the monitoring processes of operation of the spagyric extracts through cutting-edge scientific equipment in order to guarantee the maximum of quality.

Each batch

50 procedures
30 analysis
GMP certified
ICEA Organic certified

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The News section will be regularly updated with news
regarding our company, products, the herbal market,
national regulations, EU legislation and initiatives
for research in herbal medicine.

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